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Post  rye on Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:37 pm

why do you want to be staff of the server?
because i think it will give me the opportunity to help people out more and explore the game a lil but more.

What Staff position are you applying for? (Admin) (Mod) (Server Support)
server support to start with and if u trust me i could possibly be promoted

how old are you?

when did you begin playing RuneScape or RSPS?
runescape when i was 9 and rsps when i was about 11

did you have any experience with staff of any other server? (if you said yes to this question, list below)
on pkhonour i was close to getting mod but then i quited due to certain updates

how many hours a day will you be online?
5-7 on weekends and 3-5 on schooldays

Make Sure after your done with your staff application to make a post in the "Staff Apps" discussion on the forums there will also be a accept and decline sub-form to see if your app got declined or accepted.

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