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Staff Application Format! Copy And Paste Empty Staff Application Format! Copy And Paste

Post  Jordan on Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:21 am

Want To become Staff for OptimusX?
Before applying for staff you must have the following:

1. 50 post count (Will Change)
2. atleast 3 days of play time
3. you must be active in the community
4. you must not have been banned/muted and have no blackmarks on your account

Apply Format:

why do you want to be staff of the server?

What Staff position are you applying for? In-Game (Admin) (Mod) (Server Support) Or Forums (Admin) (Mod) (Forum Support)

how old are you?

when did you begin playing RuneScape or RSPS?

did you have any experience with staff of any other server? (if you said yes to this question, list below)

how many hours a day will you be online?

Make Sure after your done with your staff application to make a post in the "Staff Apps" discussion on the forums there will also be a accept and decline sub-form to see if your app got declined or accepted.

When on the Forums YOU must Register on before you can post.

Rules: DO NOT tell us too look at your staff application, if you do its an automatic decline.
Rules: IF you app has been declined you must wait 3 Days befoer submitting a new one.
Rules: After your finished with your app make a "New Topic" in this section.

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